Consultant Solicitor By Rebecca Hennessy – Consultant Solicitor

This is not a straightforward question, but it does not mean that your case is automatically at an end.

There are a few options going forward:

  • The evidence provided by the Defendant shows that your case is extremely unlikely to be successful, and we could make a low offer to try to get you some compensation, or close your case (if the offer is not accepted).


  • The evidence provided by the Defendant means that your case may or may not be successful (around a 50/50% chance), but we then try to find evidence to support your case. If we can, then we will proceed; if we can’t, then we will need to consider all the evidence again and see whether to proceed or whether unfortunately we have to close your case.


  • The evidence provided by the Defendant is insufficient and we make an application to the court to order the Defendant to provide more evidence, so we can then assess whether your case is likely to be successful.


  • The evidence provided by the Defendant is so poor that we still think you have a good case, and we press on, obtaining medical evidence and potentially issuing legal proceedings if we need to.

Whatever happens, if you instruct us, we will guarantee to … and will do our best to win your case and get you some compensation.  CLICK HERE and complete our online form or call Rebecca on 01613 597168 or Alec on 01613 597167.