Types of Injuries

Certain types of claims have a unique or common type of injury. In road traffic accidents the injuries tend to be soft tissue injuries (commonly known as ‘whiplash’), in holiday sickness claims the injury is always going to be gastroenteritis and dental negligence claims it is always going to be… well, a dental injury.

Rebecca & Alec know that when they offer “No Win, No Fee” claims for accidents at work, they will be a range of different injuries. 

It is why it is important to have a lawyer who has experience in a range of accident at work claim. Someone who is used to dealing with whiplash claims is going to have less experience with injuries to hands, feet and other injuries that aren’t to the neck, back and shoulder.

No two injuries are the same and it is not exact science when determining what a Judge would award a client for their injuries, especially if there are multiple injuries.

Here Are A Few Examples of Accident At Work Injuries

Facial Scarring Injuries.

A common type of head injury in accident at work claims is a laceration. Either something falling onto a client’s head or a slip/trip leading to a client hitting their head on something. These injuries can be very sore but in many circumstances, the laceration (despite the hospital’s best stitching) leads to a permanent scarring.

Even if the scarring is minor, it can be something that a client can be very conscious about. Scarring awards therefore start from around £1,600 but will increase depending on the severity and the effect it has on the person.

In some cases the scaring is so significant and has such a detrimental effect on a person that awards can be up to and in excess of £30,000 and up to £90,000.  These injuries are of course where the scarring is so significant and disfiguring that it causes the person to suffer a severe psychological reaction. 

Injury to cheekbones

Fractures to cheekbones can be very painful. Some clients are very fortunate and the factures are minimally displaced so no surgery is needed and a full recovery takes place. A client with this type of injury will usually be awarded a figure between £2,000 and £3,000.

Some clients however are not so lucky and required complicated surgeries to help try and fix the cheekbone. In some circumstances the client maybe left with some loss of sensation in the cheek and/or lips. An award between £10,000 and £15,000. A Judge may also have to take into account whether there is any facial disfigurement as a result.

Concussion/Head Injury

A client doesn’t always have a laceration or physical injury. A concussion is a very unsettling condition to have but in some cases these can last for several days or weeks. These are essentially minor brain injuries and still need to be compensated even though no one can see a physical injury. Awards start from £2,000.

Most concussions are not stand alone injuries and are secondary to injuries such as head or neck injuries. Headaches can be caused by injuries to the neck even though not actual head injury took place. 

It is extremely important that the correct medical expert is instructed to deal with head or neck injuries. In some cases, an expert in emergency medicine (an A&E specialist) would be appropriate, sometimes an Orthopaedic surgeon is appropriate and in some cases a report from a neurologist if the symptoms are severe. Rebecca & Alec as experienced Accident At Work lawyers will know which experts to instruct. 

Severe Burn Injury

The effect of a burn injury can be devastating. It is going to be far more painful than a laceration leading to scarring and are more likely to lead to significant psychological problems for the client whose live has changed significantly as a result. Both Rebecca and Alec have experience in dealing with burn injuries, with Rebecca having significant experience including assisting in a a case where the Claimant had significant burn injury to his hands and chest (his hands were so badly burnt they continued to disintegrate) and the client received over £50,000.

The amount of compensation awarded will depend on the severity of the burn. Modest injuries will attract an lower award where as where burns are significant and exceed more that 40% of the body then the awards are likely to start at £100,000. Factors the Court will consider are:-

1. how much of the body is affected by burns

2. the type of burn (superficial, partial or full thickness)

3. the way the burn affects appearance and the person’s own reaction to the appearance

4. whether surgical intervention is needed

5. Any physical disability that has been caused

6. the psychological impact of the burns on the person

Why Choose Us?

Valuing injuries can be extremely difficult and making decisions on whether to accept or reject offers is vitally important. The issue is that if a Defendant employer makes a reasonable offer, you reject that, proceed to a final hearing and fail to obtain a better figure then you could be responsible for your employer’s legal costs.

It is something that Rebecca & Alec have vast experience in. Rebecca is meticulous in considering the medical evidence and ensuring it positively supports your injury to ensure you get as much compensation as possible. Alec regularly appears before Judges in open court and argues the value of clients claims. Together their skills and fortitude to get you the best settlement or award.

Rebecca & Alec, as Consultant Lawyers, don’t have to worry about covering huge overheads and this means they can have fewer clients – meaning more time for your case. It is very important that you choose the lawyer who will do best for your case and you don’t always get the choice when you instruct a law firm directly.

As all their work is carried out through a regulated law firm Alec & Rebecca can offer beyond what normal law firms offer. Usually each lawyer in a law firm may have over 100 personal injury clients where as Rebecca and Alec have much fewer cases. They still offer ‘No Win, No Fee’ claims but can provide the experience and service you deserve – it does not matter that you are not personally paying the bill!

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