I am a Consultant Solicitor that specialises exclusively in Personal Injury. I take on clients, exclusively, and proceed through a regulated law firm. This means you get my individual time and dedication, but with the safety of knowing the case is run through a law firm that is appropriately insured.
I am very fortunate to be able to work through a law firm who share the same principles as I do in terms of acting in their client’s best interests.
I have over seven years of experience in Personal Injury and many of these years I have acted for clients across England and Wales in various, heavily contested, claims.
​You are probably wondering why you would instruct a Consultant Personal Injury Solicitor over a Personal Injury Firm who also offers No Win, No Fee? My clients appreciate me treating them like a person, not a number and a source of income;

Client care is extremely important to me and my clients. It doesn’t matter that you will not be paying me out of your own pocket, my clients are human beings who have been injured (some very seriously) was through no fault of their own and they come first.

I have a wealth of experience in bringing Personal Injury claims on behalf of injured clients. Importantly I have significant experience in claims where the third party are contesting the claim, usually by arguing they are not liable in law – that doesn’t deter me and it shouldn’t d
Consultant Solicitors choose their work and are free to run your case as they see fit for you:
Some law firms will most likely want their lawyers to run the files in their own particular way.
Remember your claim isn’t the same as “the Jones” next door so why should your claim be run the same way too.
Consultant Solicitors tend to have fewer cases, compared with lawyers in a law firm, which means that they give your case more time and dedication that you deserve – ​you are not a number!
Some law firms will want their lawyers to progress cases as quickly as possible to increase turn over – usually at the detriment of the client. It could potentially mean that your claim could be compromised, meaning you don’t necessary get the best outcome.
However a Consultant Solicitor will be able to ensure all the appropriate evidence is collated before proceeding forward.
That doesn’t mean that you should avoid litigation. In fact experienced Personal Injury Lawyers will know how when to move forward by issuing legal proceedings –
Remember, the insurers on the otherwise make money by taking premiums from their policyholders and finding anyway possible to avoid paying out
Consultant Solicitors are highly experienced who will not be afraid to push forward with litigation whilst, at the same time, ensuring all bases are covered once legal proceedings have started
a Personal Injury Lawyer will need to ensure you keep up with all court deadlines and directions otherwise your claim could be struck out