Rebecca Hennessy Consultant Solicitor

Who Is Rebecca?

Rebecca is a Consultant Solicitor that specialises exclusively in Personal Injury. She has over nine years’ of experience in personal injury and in many of those years she has acted for clients where their claims have been heavily contested by the employer.

Rebecca has a wealth of experience in bringing personal injury claims on behalf of injured clients. She also has significant experience in claims where liability is denied, either because the Defendant thinks they are not liable in law or that the accident didn’t happen as her clients say – that doesn’t deter her and it shouldn’t deter you either.

Rebecca Hennessy | Solicitor

Why Instruct Rebecca?

Client care is extremely important to clients and therefore extremely important to Rebecca. It doesn’t matter that you will not be paying Rebecca out of your own pocket, she knows that her clients are human beings who have been injured (some very seriously) and through no fault of their own. In her eyes, her clients come first..

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