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Rebecca Hennessy & Alec Hancock

Who Are Rebecca & Alec?

Rebecca & Alec are individual lawyers who work on a consultant basis for regulated law firms. This means they are not a regulated law firm and they do not carry out legal work in their own name but through a regulated law firm

How this Policy applies

This privacy policy explains how Rebecca & Alec will collect, use or otherwise process information, how you can control the collection, correction and/or deletion of such information when you contact them through this website.

Who is the Data Controller?

Rebecca Hennessy & Alec Hancock are the “data controllers” of personal data collected via this website and they are solely responsible for deciding how the data is collected, use and disclosed. If there are any times that others are delegated this authority then Rebecca & Alec will be vicariously liable for how the deal with the information.

You should be aware that when you provide information to Rebecca & Alec using a third-party site or platform, the information you provide may be separately collected by the third-party site or platform.  Rebecca & Alec encourages you to be aware that we have no control over how third-party sites or platforms obtain information and that you should read their policies about how they may collect your information.

Data you provide to Rebecca & Alec

Rebecca & Alec will collect information you provide directly to them via the website by completing the enquiry forms. The do not have any automated means of collecting data but some information may be processed by this website (such as your country of origin). However, this information is limited and is unlikely to be identifiable. Rebecca & Alec has no need for this information and is a mere by-product; it has no bearing on them if they were to delete all indirect information in order to comply with an individual’s request to delete it.

How Rebecca & Alec will collect information

  • They may indirectly collect information you provide to them when you request services or information from , register with them (including when you link your profile on a third-party site or platform with your registration account), participate in public forums or other activities on our sites and applications, respond to User surveys, or otherwise interact with them online or offline.
  • They may indirectly collect information through a variety of technologies, such as cookies, Flash cookies, pixels, tags, software development kits, application program interfaces, and Web beacons, including when you visit our sites and applications or use our applications on third-party sites or platforms using one or more devices, whether or not you are logged in or registered.
  • They may indirectly collect information using analytics tools, including when you visit our sites and applications or use our applications on third-party sites or platforms.
  • They may indirectly acquire information from other trusted sources to update or supplement the information you provided or we collected automatically, such as when we validate postal address information using third party services. Applicable law may require that you authorise the third party to share your information with them before we can acquire it.
  • If you access the Service through a third-party connection or log-in (like a social network), we may collect certain information from your social network profile. For a description of how social networking sites handle your information, please refer to their privacy policies and terms of use, which may permit you to modify your privacy settings. If you do not want to share information from your social network profile, do not access the Service through that third-party service.

How will Rebecca & Alec use this information?

The only information Rebecca & Alec will use is the information given voluntarily through the enquiry forms or online chat application. They have no other reason to retain this information if you do not wish to instruct Rebecca or Alec to act for you (via the regulated law firm) for your accident at work claim. In any event, Rebecca & Alec will not retain your information as it will no longer be required by them as individuals as your claim will be run through the regulated law firm (who will retain your information and have their own privacy policies)

How Rebecca & Alec share your information with third parties

The only third party Rebecca & Alec will share your information with is the regulated law firm they will carry out the legal work through as a consultant. They will have their own privacy policies in addition to the policies in accordance with their regulator (such as the Solicitor Regulations Authority or CILEx Regulation). If you instruct Rebecca or Alec to act as your accident at work lawyer, they will advise you of the law firm that the work will be conducted through, and to whom your details will be provided. This is necessary in order for Rebecca or Alec to act for you.

    .Your controls and choices?

    The information Rebecca & Alec retains via this website will be appropriately deleted. Once you’ve instructed Rebecca or Alec through the regulated law firm then your instructions about what happens to your information should be directed to the appropriate persons within the regulated law firm (those requests can be through Rebecca or Alec as a representative of the law firm).

    How Rebecca & Alec protect your information and data retention

    The security, integrity, and confidentiality of your information are extremely important to us. Given the nature and purpose of this website there is simply no need for Rebecca or Alec to retain your information regardless of whether you instruct them through the regulated law firm or not. That way Rebecca & Alec can ensure your data is protected. Once you indicate your intention to instruct Rebecca or Alec and consent to them using your information in the regulated law firm, the privacy policy of the regulated law firm will dictate how your information is protected and retained

      Data transfers, storage, and processing globally 

      Rebecca & Alec will have no need to retain your information and therefore there is no need to store, transfer or process your information, save as to when you instruct them through the regulated law firm and that information will be manually processed into the law firm’s case management program and the original data will be deleted thereafter.

      Changes to this Privacy Policy

      From time to time, Rebecca and Alec may change this privacy policy to accommodate new technologies, industry practices, regulatory requirements or for other purposes. They will provide notice to you if these changes are material and, where required by applicable law, they will obtain your consent. Notice may be by email to you at the last email address you provided to Rebecca & Alec, by posting notice of such changes on this site and applications, or by other means, consistent with applicable law

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