Why should I instruct Rebecca or Alec, rather than a law firm directly for my Accident at Work claim?

As a Consultant Lawyers, Rebecca and Alec do not have the same overheads as a law firm (such as paying for office space, equipment, staff members) and as such do not have to take on as many client compared with lawyers in a law firm. Some personal injury law firms can have lawyers dealing with a case load in excess of 100 cases.

Rebecca and Alec do not have that issue and as such will have more time to deal with your Accident at Work claim. You don’t have to compromise quality yet your claim will be still dealt on the same “No Win, No Fee” as any other personal injury firm.

How can I afford to pursue a claim? I cannot afford to pay the legal fees

Our claims are run on a No Win, No Fee basis (called a Conditional Fee Agreement) which means that you don’t have to pay anything out of your own pocket.

If you are unsuccessful or if the chances of your case winning decrease because of some unexpected evidence, you will walk away with no cost to you and no liability for the other side’s legal costs.*

Will I lose my job if I bring a claim against my employers?

It is your right to bring a claim for compensation if you have been genuinely injured at work. Providing you tell the truth and do not exaggerate then your employer cannot fire you for brining a claim