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Rebecca and Alec understand that most of their clients have a job, family commitments and therefore may not be available between 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. That’s not a problem because as Consultant, Rebecca & Alec do not have fixed working hours. This means they can speak to you in the evenings or on the weekend.

It’s not just the initial conversation. Rebecca & Alec may need instructions from you, further information or you may have questions. Again, Rebecca & Alec are able to talk to you either on the weekend or weekday evenings. Most law firms are only open between 9am and 5pm Monday to Friday. Offering a “No Win, No Fee” is one thing, but your lawyer needs to be available to speak to you when it is suitable for you, not the firm.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Contact


What happens if I am only available to speak in the evenings or the weekend?

Rebecca & Alec are very happy to communicate by email, it means their clients can pick up the email when they are free and respond in their own time. However sometimes an email is not the appropriate method to speak to their clients, so Rebecca & Alec will always make themselves available to talk to their clients on the phone – it doesn’t matter whether its the evening or the weekend.


How will I sign documents and paperwork?

Rebecca & Alec take advantage of new digital technology that allows their clients to sign documentation online without having to worry about receiving, signing and posting paperwork. Not every client wants to deal in technology and prefers having documents sent to them in the post. That’s not a problem as Rebecca & Alec will happily send you documents in the post..


What about seeing a medical expert, does it matter where I live?

It is likely that you will need to see an independent medical expert to prepare a report about your injuries. Rebecca & Alec have relationships with medical agencies who have experts all across England & Wales so they can find an expert as close as possible to you. They are always on the look out for new experts.


I am not very good with emails or letters and I would prefer to do everything over the phone

There will be some occasions where Rebecca & Alec require your written instructions to be able to proceed forward. That doesn’t mean Rebecca & Alec will not talk on the phone. It might be that you want to discuss something that has been sent to you in writing or prefer to give instructions but it is not a problem for Rebecca & Alec – they are very flexible and want to work the best way for you.


Does it matter where I live?

┬áRebecca & Alec are able to act for anyone in England & Wales. It doesn’t matter where you live because they can act for you irrespective. Even if you claim is issued in the Courts, many of the “legal representatives only” hearings are held remotely by telephone. Barristers are readily available across England & Wales so Rebecca & Alec will be able to instruct a suitable Barrister for your case if the case does go to a final hearing.


I don't live in England & Wales anymore, can I still bring a claim?

There is nothing stopping you bringing a claim in England & Wales if you no longer live there (providing your accident happened in England & Wales or your employer is based there). However there maybe circumstances where you need to return to England & Wales (attending a medical expert or attending a final hearing to give evidence). It’s important that you let Rebecca & Alec know if you are moving away from England & Wales but they will do everything they can to ensure your claim can continue.

Rebecca & Alec are available in the evenings and the weekends
07480 063747

07480 063747

Available to represent anyone in England & Wales