Injury Due To Violence At Work
Many, if not most of you, are comfortable with your fellow employees – you get along with them very well. It’s what makes a great team and an effective workforce. Unfortunately there are some exceptions – some individuals who aren’t so pleasant.  Some can be difficult to work with and there are some that can be toxic to a working environment.
Violence, whether is physical or verbal, shouldn’t be tolerated.  You should always feel safe in your place of work and you shouldn’t be subjected to any harm as a result of another employee.
Your employers are responsible for your fellow colleagues – after all, they chose to employ them.  Many of my clients failed to realise this and were unaware that their employers could be responsible for the actions of that employee.
This doesn’t mean your claim will be automatically be successful and so you need to instruct someone who understands the law sufficiently in order to give your case the possible advantage.

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